Sunday, February 22, 2015

LinkedIn and... Birthdays!?


Has LinkedIn become WORSE than facebook and is now emailing me about people's birthdays? What in the world?

Subject of the email: "Say happy birthday to .... so & so" 

I don't even use my linkedin account for anything (marginal academic that I am) and I'm leery of the fact that purportedly it can be used to allow cybercriminals to have access to me, so maybe I should just delete it?

Do you use LinkedIn at all? Does it help you be in touch with colleagues & friends?

P.S. What label should I have for a post like this? Social Media Woes? I'll be thinking about it...

1 comment:

What Now? said...

I eschew LinkedIn altogether -- have never had an account -- which makes it all the more irritating that I get LinkedIn "invitations" from strangers (invitations which I ignore, obviously).