Monday, January 06, 2014

Last Day of Vacation :(

OK, technically, the last day is tomorrow, but I'll be at my parents' house packing and we'll leave at 6:30 pm to take a bus to the airport, so I'll call this the last "24h" period of our vacation. :(

It will be sad to leave K's whole family behind and go to the airport in a little more than an hour -- we fly today too, from Maceió to São Paulo -- especially because it will probably be nearly two years before we'll all be together again.

Next time we'll be "complete" with 10 adults and 8 kids because my SIL (the one married to K4, the youngest brother) is having a baby in July. I hope I can go see the birth or meet the newborn baby in July! (miraculously, I was there to witness the birth & take photos when my nephew was born!.

All right, I need to take a quick shower, have breakfast & finish packing. Our flight is not until after 11 am  (it's 2 hours earlier than the U.S. here), but we need to go early in case there are traffic jams -- the bane of people's existence here in Brazil. :-(

More later!

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