Monday, January 06, 2014

Exhausted & Sad

This trip was way too short. There are several things that I feel like I need to do in order for my trip to Brazil be complete (I'll try to list them in another post) and I did very few of them this time. :(

It was a long day and I was very wrong to say it was our last day because our true last day was yesterday (because we got to go to the beach one last time!)...

The trip was OK, my parents were waiting for us (it always feels good to have someone waiting for you when you walk out of the luggage collection at the airport). It was a tight fit for me, my mom & the boys and the car my dad used doesn't have air conditioning (it's his old car that he passed on to my brother).

We did stop by a huge mall on our way to my parents' house (partly fulfilling one of my "requirements"), but because of that we arrived home at 9 pm. We need to buy a few more things tomorrow and pack. Sigh... And I'm really exhausted & sleep deprived right now (I stayed up way past midnight and got up before 6 am this morning), but I'm happy that the trip was sooooo good. It's always sad when a really good thing ends, isn't it?

OK, gotta go to bed. My husband is almost done helping my mom use the new laptop we gave her for Xmas. She's having a hard time with Windows 8 and, frankly, both K & my son were too.

We'll see if I'll find time to blog more tomorrow. In addition to the shopping & packing we also need to spend time with some friends. If we weren't so tired we could pack now, but it's all good.

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