Sunday, January 05, 2014

Happy 2014!!

This is a belated New Year's post brought to you courtesy of our wonderful family vacation that is about to end in a few hours!

We've all had very limited internet access here at the beach and though we're all feeling a little (or a lot! ;-)  "internet deprived," I suppose that's a good thing!

New Year's day was very eventful for my immediate family, my parents & my SIL & nephew because we went snorkeling in the coral reefs after taking a catamaran from the closest town. It was awesome and I want to go snorkeling again ASAP! (and I'll try to find time to share photos soon).

Then on the 2nd & 3rd we walked on the the sandbanks in our beach (that's actually a lagoon protected by reefs less than half a mile from the beach) and reached the reefs where we found some natural pools and snorkeled again. It was great too, but the colorful fish were tiny and not so plentiful.

We also enjoyed the beach, the family and took tons and tons of photos which we were sharing in between our computers last night.

It was a most wonderful vacation and I'm sad to go back home on Wednesday. I hope to have time to blog more about our adventures, I will try to do that tonight.


jo(e) said...

That all sounds pretty wonderful. Happy New Year!

Heidi said...

Sounds amazing! I'm so glad you got to go.