Thursday, December 19, 2013

In Brazil & Getting my Fix :-)

I arrived on time for my connecting flight, after having a good flight watching No & Jobs! (I hope to have more time to comment on the movies later)

And even though we left a little late we arrived just on time in Brazil. It's kind of sad to arrive at the gate with no one waiting for you (Love, Actually style), but it was ok. I found a place to sit with my cart & huge suitcases (it was hard to drag all that to the bathroom!) and I actually laid down on my packpack & neck pillow and napped for nearly 2 hours.

Then I came to eat something at a place right next to the exit gate for the international flights that has WiFi. I had to get my fix! After all, I won't be using my iPhone constantly for 3 weeks, but I will still want to try to get online pretty regularly on the laptop if I can.

OK, I have to go try to find my parents now! They should have arrived. And, if all went well, K & the boys' flight just landed!! YAY!!! (their flight was 1 hour late :(  )

I'll be back at night!

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