Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Grade Submission Fiasco

well, well, well...
      written last night
I was so absorbed in grading the exams and online materials of U#2's students in the last 48 hours [Sunday & Monday] (after all, this is the school that employs me full time) that I completely overlooked that the deadline for grade submission for U#1 was this afternoon [Monday] at 3 pm. I had never even remembered to check it -- foolish me!

When K got home after picking up the boys from school and asked me whether I had already submitted the grades that were due at 3 I totally flipped, panicked, started screaming at everyone, it was awful! I managed to calm down, and I even quickly finished grading my class that has only 5 students and submitted their grades online without a problem around 5 pm. So I was still pretty upset, but hopeful for the other class

However, there was a long, LONG way to go for the other class with 20 students! Checking homework online, grading PDF tests and exams in an iPad (loaned by the university, not mine) and, last by not least, finishing to grade the 6 page final. I emailed the students before I started to let them know that grade submission would be late and that they should check their grades in the online platform instead.

By the time I was done it was past 9:30 pm and, guess what?! I could no longer submit the grades online, so I (uselessly & annoyingly) panicked again. Sigh... Sometimes even I can't stand myself!

To make a long story short, I was supposed to fax the printed out grades this morning, but the signal was busy in the registrar's office, and I just walked over there and dropped it off. Mission (finally accomplished). Sigh...

well, gotta go now, packing for trip, doing tons of things, etc. Good thing grading is finally done!

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Heidi said...

Glad the grading is over! I think it.can he just as stressful teaching as being the student.