Friday, May 18, 2007

Productive Day

Yesterday was a productive day, unfortunately not in the dissertation front, only for an hour in the morning... (more on that later)

Remember that speeding ticket I got at the end of March? I had to go to court this morning and I was relieved that they simply lowered the speed so I won't get the points. I'm glad the officer told me to appeal (he knew they'd do that, I'm sure). I was a bit apprehensive because I'd never gotten a ticket before, but I was relieved afterwards :) (and now I can happily write the driving "meme" that I've been planning to write for over a year).

After that, we had to rush to North Philly to go to the Brazilian itinerant consulate (the folks form the Consulate in New York city go to various cities where there are many Brazilian people so we don't need to travel to NYC) so I could renew my passport and Linton's as well as get a travel authorization for me to travel with the boys to Brazil in July -- if everything works out with the visa on time for us to get ticket and travel.

Then, we dropped my husband at a train station so he could go to University City and I went with a friend to shop for matching clothes for our singing group from church. That was exhausting, particularly with two active little boys, and it took several hours, but we finally decided on the outfits (skirt and blouse for the women, short-sleeve shirt to be worn with khaki pants for the guys). I may post a photo after the weekend...

We didn't get home until after 10 p.m. ("thanks" in part to roadwork on 76 -- oh, how we hate the highways here in Philly, they're often jammed) -- good thing the boys slept well in the car.

I want to write a post as part of the Mother Talk "Dangerous Boy" Friday Blog Bonanza so I can share with you all the dangerous things I did in my childhood ;) so hopefully I'll be back with that later.


kate said...

I'm glad the speeding ticket thing worked out. Although I must admit it seems kind of weird for them to say "Well, we know you were going xxx, but we'll just say you were only going xxx instead." I'm glad for your sake, though (and I would definitely have no reservations about taking such a break myself!)

Anjali said...

Wow, that WAS a productive day! I'm tired just reading about it!

Good news on the speeding ticket!

Keiko said...

São ótimos esses dias q a gente cosnegue fazer um monte de coisas e se sente "A" útil, não?

Então vc tem um grupo com uniforme e tudo? So fancy você!!!!

Boa semana!


Aliki2006 said...

Oh dangerous childhood things, eh? I can't wait to read!