Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Further Complications (and Even More Suspense)

When we made the offer yesterday the seller's agent told our agent (who is a Brazilian woman our age, by the way, which is really nice!) that there were some people who had seen the house over the weekend and who were interested in it.

They were scheduled to visit it tonight again (they may be there as I write) and they decided to do it in spite of the fact that there was already an offer. They also said that they are going to make an offer (not until tomorrow, though). Of course our offer was made first, BUT, they said they're going to offer full asking price (we offered 9K less). They have two disadvantages: the contingency of selling their current home (we're planning to rent this one) and a closing date that's weeks later than what the seller want (ours is precisely within their time frame). We have one big disadvantage: the price we offered -- so we may have to offer more.

Now we have to wait until tomorrow and their offer is presented in writing and then we'll decide what to do. I don't like this waiting game -- it doesn't help with getting dissertation chapters finished! I'll be back soon with the Thinking Blogger Award Memes and tomorrow there's a book review!

Oh, and I forgot to show you this nice bathroom:

Hubby loved the glass shower stall.

Funny that we're all about the bathrooms, but the house we chose doesn't have a nice one!

Keep your fingers crossed for us!


Tracy said...

Comment left on post below!

Keiko said...

Ah Lilian, agora até eu to ficando ansiosa...
Eu ia bem dizer que vc gosta de banheiros:-)

Parabéns pelas nominações!!! Vc merece!
Não tem isso de prêmio de blog em português, né?

cloudscome said...

I am learning a lot from you and all this house hunting. It's funny how much you can know about a house just from the bathroom photos! LOL. This condo sounds great. I hope I get to visit you there!