Tuesday, May 15, 2007

(Almost) Bakeless Birthday Party

As has become customary in this blog, I have been posting about the boys' birthday parties since last year. Linton's 3rd birthday party's theme was slightly recycled from Kelvin's 3rd b-d party (trains - first photo in that post). Over a year ago I bought an invitation, stuffed props, plates, cups and napkins for a "train, car, and airplane" party at the 1 dollar section at T*arget, but didn't use it for Linton last year because we had a family party instead of a kids' party and I did a Noah's Ark last minute decoration (last photo in post) just so we had one. So this year he had been telling everyone for weeks now that his party was coming up and that his birthday was going to be with "trains, cars, and airplanes" (trens, carros e aviões).

My famous party-decorator sister-in-law helped and hanged the airplane from the ceiling and made a road and tracks for the car and train (click on photos to enlarge). I prepared a HUGE number of traditional Brazilian kid party "candies" so his name was beautifully spelled :) (and then I ate the leftover candies non-stop for a week and got a nice sinus infection as a reward).

Our oven quit working on Friday* (usually my busiest day in the kitchen!) so for the first time I had to resort to a store bought cake. At least it was a yummy Car*vel ice-cream cake -- menos mal ("less bad") as we'd say in Brazil (inspired by the Italian meno male). The party would have been completely bake-less were it now for my neighbor's kindness. She let me use her oven to bake pão-de-queijo (Brazilian cheese rolls).
*oven was fixed last week.

Here's the excited birthday boy and his hungry brother:
I was able to find all the letters of his name (with the exception of I - which I made cutting out a T) at the dollar store, but I didn't light those candles so they can last longer. I know, I'm cheap like that. (In case you didn't notice, I save all decorations to re-use them later).

Singing Happy Birthday:
Interestingly enough, this was the activity that the party goers found the most entertaining:
Digging holes with this nice metal shovel that I bought at W*al M*art in the back of our yard (I haven't planted anything yet, since we're planning to move -- but I'll plant some tomato plants to the tenants or buyers, if renting doesn't work out). The accompanying rake was also very appreciated -- here's my nephew raking some cut grass. I think I'll go buy the hoe and the leave rake too :) [each is under 3 dollars and they're really sturdy -- a bit too much so, probably dangerous for very young children -- the little boy on the photo above, is using a plastic shovel, BTW].

I'm sorry this is over a week late, but at least I'm posting it! :)
Oh, and his actual birthday is not until the end of the month. We had the party on the 6th because it was the most convenient day for my in-laws.


Aliki2006 said...

Another gorgeous party!

Anonymous said...

Very cute party! And I love the child labor! Too bad you didn't have a ditch that needed digging.

Reminds me of my nephew who for years was convinced that vacuuming was play. I'd always get out the vacuum for him and let him go to town.

- pithydithy

Keiko said...

ah Lilian, que esperta vc, reciclando as coisas da festa! Mais uma pra minha lista: "Faça como a Lilian" :-)

Eu to igual vc, abusando da presença da minha mãe pra botar a vida em dia ao inves de passear com ela,jah q maridao ta no Brasil ate o fim do mes e ela ta indo embora semana que vem... mas eu to lendo tudo, soh nao ando comentando muito.


Juliet said...

What a fun looking party! I wish I was good at planning parties like you are.

cloudscome said...

What a great party! Digging was a brilliant idea. Happy Birthday Linton!