Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Randomly" Tagged

The fabulous British mom and "famous" blogger Emily, tagged me (a week ago -- sorry about that!) for this meme, so now I'll try to share 8 random things about me (if I can think of 8 since I've already previously done a post on "6 weird things about me" and another voluntary random things post, a fairly long one too, the first two items in my list below are there, sorry about that...).

1. I generally prefer salty/savory foods to sweets.

2. I'm a bookworm, but I have read hardly anything for fun since Kelvin was born 5 years ago and particularly after I started working on the dissertation. I have this feeling I'll never be able to read as much as I used to again... (going to graduate school and working as a T.A. also dampened my reading considerably, I really haven't been much of a bookworm for almost 10 years now :( )

3. There wasn't a phone in my house growing up with two exceptions -- a short period between 5-8 years old and then when I was almost 19 and in college. That's why I generally don't like to call people I don't know on the phone (I do talk to friends OK) -- it's kind of a strange "phone phobia" that I have. My husband teases me about it all the time.

4. I lived at home with my parents and younger brother until I got married, at 23.5 (I decided not to go to a boarding academy for high school as my parents wanted and I went to college in a university in the city where I lived -- that's very common in Brazil, most people live at home while going to college. And besides, the Universidade de São Paulo is the largest and best university in the whole country, some say it's the best in all of Latin America -- why would I have gone anywhere else?).

5. I got my driver's license when I was 24.5 years old, a few months before I came to the U.S. I never drove in Brazil before then, only took public transportation or went out with my parents. Cars are quite expensive in Brazil, only rich kids have their own cars. (Oh, and in Brazil one can only have a driver's license at 18, but one can vote at 16 -- I think that makes lots of sense!!).

6. I'm a really messy person. I guess I have some kind of selective "ADD" -- I just can't concentrate when it comes to picking things up from the floor, putting things away, organizing a messy desk, etc. I like cleaning, but I don't like tidying up. Luckily my husband is really good with that :)

7. I usually don't do blog "memes," but I like to create memes. So far I've created only two, but I'm working on another one :)

8. I really cannot think of anything else that might be even slightly interesting... OK, I'm a night person. If I could I'd sleep in until 11 or 12 every morning and stay up until really really late. I've actually been doing that quite often in the past few years because I've had my parents helping out (but I get up at 10, generally, or 9 when we're by ourselves and my husband lets me -- thanks, hon!).

I don't feel like tagging anyone, particularly since my tags just don't seem to ever work. OK, just a few "random" people :) Keiko, Jennie, WWWMama, M. Only do it if you feel like it, though, OK?


Keiko said...

hahaha, que engraçada vc!! Isso do telefone é bem interessante, que coisa?! Já vi gente sem tv, agora sem telefone vc foi a primeira. não sabia que "tag" era isso de batata quente!! Engraçado vai ser seus leitores indo pro meu blog em é que eles vao...
Táaaaaa bom, vou fazer amanha, pq hoje eu nao tenho mais cérebro, tudo que eu tinha foi sugado no cruso de estatística...


wwwmama said...

Cool, this gives me a way out of actually thinking through my weekly post right now. I like your responses. I can totally relate to the phone thing. I've never connected my phone phobia to my lack of phone experience as a child, but it makes such obvious sense now!

Jennie said...

Hey, this will be my first meme. I am glad it's eight "random" things rather the more high pressure eight "interesting" things.