Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 2: Productive/ Blizzard Envy

Week 2 down, 15 more to go (discounting Spring Break, adding finals), 'cause unfortunately this semester is not 14, but 15 weeks long! :-(

Week 2 was great because it started with our only holiday year-round (that is not Thanksgiving) in both universities, which is the ONLY holiday that my kids' private school doesn't respect!! (boooh!) Can they even do that? For all the other Holidays (Labor Day, President's day, maybe another one I can't remember) kids are off & we work.

I miss my graduate institution. We had so many holidays and a full month off in Dec.-January! I want to go back to Massachusetts! (not really, we love it it there, but I'm happy with our lives here). I do enjoy starting early (in late August, & early January) and having most of May off and ending in very early December.

OK, back to last week! Because of the holiday I really made some significant headway in my freelance translation project. Too bad I was unable to keep it up past Wednesday (I got busy & productive with work) and today I went skiing with the family, so I couldn't do it either. Last night, however, I finally made an online quiz for my class, so the weekend hasn't been completely unproductive. edited to add that tonight I made another online quiz, yay!

It was pretty good to go to my therapist on Monday afternoon and report that I'd been so productive. I have to find a way to keep it up because it's HARD! Especially with the grading I need to do. Graded a quiz last week and have about 30 compositions to grade. Good thing the online quiz will be automatically graded!

The holiday made it tough to go back to work last week (it felt like we were starting the semester all over again), but Friday arrived quickly and we were exhausted as usual.

I'm not looking forward to this week AT ALL. Tomorrow and Tuesday people will have tons of snow up North & hardly any will fall here. Having lived 8 years in MA, I love me some blizzards! ;-)

And I know for a fact that U#2 probably won't cancel anything because I don't think it'll snow there. BUT there may be snow on my drive. So I'll leave at 7:30 am with the standard gear car. :--( A very inauspicious beginning to Week 3.

I'll keep you updated!

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