Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Downton Abbey Season 5 Opening

I love Downton Abbey and for once I will watch when it's being broadcast. Unfortunately our antenna doesn't catch PBS (yes, we do have an antenna, the Mohu Leaf), but thankfully PBS does make the episodes available on its website!

I just wanted to make a few comments about Downton Abbey's most recent episode/season.

First, I think that the pace is much faster than it was in previous seasons, did anybody notice that too or maybe I'm wrong?

I wrote that sentence after watching only the first half of the episode, now after I finished watching it, I do think that the pace is pretty vertiginous, but I suppose that it's necessary in the first episode to capture the viewers and make them come back week after week, season after season...

That's what's so annoying about these kinds of works (and it's the same in book series), they "trap" you so you become addicted and keep on watching. Oh well... I wonder how many more seasons this show is going to have! It is so popular that maybe it will take years until it finally ends. And I guess that the actual owners of that magnificent house are delighted that they can have more income to keep the place in the family. ;-)

Well, maybe someday I'll add to their income in a more direct manner by visiting Highclare Castle! I'll do that only after I visit all the Jane Austen sites and more, though. ;-)

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