Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Honesty of Kids/ I like lipstick

I walked into the kitchen where my sons and husband were eating breakfast this morning, and this is what I heard from my disgusted eldest son:

"Oh! Your lips look horrible!"

My boys hate strong lipstick, they think it looks weird...

My husband, on the other hand, reminds me every single morning to put on some lipstick and says, "If you don't wear it you look too pale and 'dead'."

I understand that my children are very sensitive to how I look and they want me to look the same always, I suppose... To be the motherly figure that they're used to. ;-)

They also complain about their classmates' use of lipstick, particularly the 12-year-old, but there's another aggravating factor!

I kiss and hug my boys A LOT, and their worst nightmare is to be kissed by lip-sticky lips!!!! :-D

Well, they'll need to get used to seeing women wear lipstick, I suppose! Their future girlfriend & wives will most likely wear it too!

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