Friday, January 09, 2015


OK, the new year is getting "old" already (since when is 9 days old? ;-) and I need to write a post like this one.
[BTW today is my grandfather's birthday, I've marked this day here before (7 years ago!)]

I had three separate posts with these titles in 2011, this year I'll put them all here (at least I'll try to come up with items for each one):

2015 Will Be the Year...
... In which we'll have our first teenager. I'm a bit apprehensive about that! ;-)
... I'll take my sons to Europe -- a longtime dream of mine!
... I'll go to my birthplace with my parents for the first time since my birth and first year of life and probably the last time.
... in which my husband's family will all get together again for the holidays (we're doing that every two years now, since 2011!)
... in which I'll travel with my parents, in-laws and lots of extended family to the "Holy Land"

And many other things...

2015 Has to Be the Year...
... in which ...?... I think I'll skip this one!

I Wish in 2015...
... that I can sort many more of my issues in therapy, in conversations with dear people, in my relationship with God...

And I will have to go back and edit this later if needed because I started this post 22 hours ago (went to bed nearly 3 am last night!).

I'm looking forward to this year, that's for sure!

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