Friday, September 12, 2014

Missing my boys

I haven't seen my 10 year old since Wednesday morning! And my 12 yo since yesterday morning. L had outdoor education at a camp 1h30 away & Kelvin had the 7th & 8th grade retreat. 

I miss them!! K & I couldn't really enjoy our time to ourselves because we had so much work and I "needed" to finish a free photo book (I know... Bad me, but 29 dollars off is good, no?).

We still got to have dinner together last night at this tiny Middle eastern restaurant and froyo afterwards. And we watched a movie at home! (More about the movie later! We overdosed on Linklater last week, hopefully we'll get to see Boyhood on Sunday!)

I can't wait to go pick up my boys in school though! (I'll leave in a few minutes) and then... We head to a house church retreat later today. I LOOOVE retreats, can't wait!!! (Though I'll be busy cooking/coordinating the food)

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