Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kimbap (Sushi) for Breakfast!

This morning I had a lovely, if unusual, breakfast of leftover yummy food from last night! Kimbap (the Korean word for sushi -- my friend Jen who helped me make them, wants me to use the right word) and Korean soup!
(There were about ten or twelve, but when I remembered to take the photo only these we're left!)

My younger son, who shares my taste for lunch/dinner foods for breakfast, had leftover penne with garlicky broccoli!

Do you ever eat unusual foods for breakfast? I'd LOVE to know!

P.S. BTW, for most Brazilians, typical American breakfast fare such as eggs, bacon, potatoes [home fries or hash browns] grits, sausages are very strange indeed! I love them because I love savory food much more than sweets.

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Heidi said...

Oh, I'm that way, too! Today, it's leftover waffles for breakfast. But often? Beans, potatoes, lots of greens, anything un-breakfast-ish. :)