Friday, August 01, 2014

The Angry Email

I got my head off the sand and hit the ground running, angrily.

Whether my argumentative and "deeply disappointed" email will have have any effect, remains to be seen... I know they won't be moved by the fact that I've been "stripped off benefits" and will still teach 19 contact hours this year (13 of them this Fall) and not get any benefits.

As we say in Portuguese, I wish the chair and the new dean ('cause I suppose the outgoing dean won't have anything to do with this anymore after having made the decision) could "put their hand on their consciences" ("por a mão na consciência") and give me a full-time contract already.

Sigh... I cannot stand too many more years of this, that's for sure! But what is the alternative? What is it???

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What Now? said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. How demoralizing to have your status demoted and your pay and benefits dropped.

My spouse just got an adjunct position at our local community college, and I'm so pleased because I think the school will be a good fit for her and because she's been underemployed for so long, but it doesn't pay well and it has no benefits. That doesn't seem to matter right now, but it certainly will if it's a long-term situation.