Sunday, May 06, 2012


brought to you courtesy of "iKelvin" ;)

This afternoon I took some time to talk to my firstborn son while laying down at his bed.

After we'd been talking for a while, I asked him:

"How do you feel being a 10 year old now?"

"Wired," he answered.

"Wired?" I said, looking at him quizzically, to which he smirked.

"I don't feel any different,"  he responded.

"But you're now a decade old!"

"A decade? A decade is nothing! You've been around for almost half a century!" 

Talk about a sense of perspective! ;)

(sigh... and then I had to remind him that I still need one more decade 'till I reach half a century).

I love my "wired"  boy. What's fascinating him right now is Ninjago Legos. And Rick Riordan books, but I want to try to write a whole post about the latter.

P.S. I obviously should be grading, not blogging. bad, bad me!

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kate said...

My almost-10-year-old loves those books too (and also anything LEGO)!