Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Scheduled... or Kissing Contact Lenses Goodbye (after 22 years!)

... if you've been wondering about last Friday, you might be surprised, or maybe not, but I scheduled my LASIK surgery for next week on Thursday.

I can't say I'm not a tiny bit apprehensive, but it's not like this was an impulsive, last minute decision on our part. I do feel somewhat bad for having bought a new pair of eyeglasses, but insurance covered most of it and in the end it cost about $100. Moreover -- that was my reasoning before, in case I were to have surgery -- I needed a good pair of glasses to be able to wear them non-stop before the surgery and I'm happy with them.

As for deciding, ever since my eyes were affected by really bad "giant papillary conjunctivitis" back in 2010, I knew that the only way out of wearing glasses for the rest of my life was eye-surgery and I discussed that here in the blog a few months ago.

When I learned about the cost after my examination by the doctor, I thought that that the surgery isn't that expensive, at a bit more than 3K, and K agreed when I called him. We mulled over it during the long weekend and decided to go ahead. We are going to pay in 24 months without interest through a special credit card from -- coincidentally -- the same bank that's our mortgage lender.

It's hard to believe that I will never again put a contact lens in my eyes... after 22 years and countless contact-lens themed nightmares... every kind of nightmare you can imagine. Giant soft lenses that I had to wash because they were full of sandy dust, ripping contacts, lost and missing contacts, you name it. It was a recurring nightmare (with multiply variations) that I had to put up with.

I hope that I don't get to have nightmares about LASIK! My friend who did it last July with the same doctor says she has them once in a while. (She recommended our current optometrists and this doctor -- he's the guy who did surgery on Tiger Woods -- my friend knows that because her prescription was really complicated, very similar to Woods' and the doctor commented on that).

My biggest concern is the requirement of not touching my eyes AT ALL for one whole week after surgery, but I'm practicing not doing that now, so hopefully I'll be "trained" by the time the surgery is here. I also want to buy some nice sunglasses and wear them often in the week after the surgery in order to protect my eyes.


I'll keep you posted, OK?

P.S. and I'll try to come back later and tell you about the busiest weekend EVER! ;)


Rene said...

Exciting! I'm sure that will be such a relief in the end. Congrats!

jo(e) said...

My sister had the surgery last year, and she LOVES not having to worry about contacts or glasses.

ronitmathuroff said...

First of all congratulation for relax from contact lenses.I think LASIK surgery is only work only for 10 to 15 years. So after that time you have to again consult doctor for this surgery.

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