Friday, May 25, 2012

LASIK Visit & Test Drive

Today I have an appointment to verify whether I'm an eligible candidate to have LASIK surgery. I'm glad that they don't charge for this visit as I don't know if I'm going to be able to have the procedure done anytime soon. I just want to know whether I'll be able to do it someday and take advantage of the fact that I haven't been wearing contacts for a month (one can't wear them for at least two weeks before this evaluation).

This short trip will also serve as a "test drive" for my long commute if I were to get the job I applied for. The commute is the only undesirable thing about this job, but it is in fact a "big" thing, since it not only means that I'll spend tons of time on the road, but away from my sons as well (not to mention money on gas).

So, let's see how the visit & the drive go. I don't feel very enthusiastic about them right now, unfortunately... sigh. And maybe I should have asked to teach a class this summer because I'm really depressed not to have a paycheck right now. I hope we can survive these summer months on one paycheck and still have funds left over to pay our credit cards. :(

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