Monday, May 07, 2012

ease droppings

I'm grading papers like crazy, but have to share this here before I forget!

My student obviously meant "eavesdropping," but I thought that the ease of droppings was hilariously great! It made me think of the multiple piles of droppings I saw in the safari in Africa. The rhinos most certainly were at ease with droppings on neat piles that marked their territory!

Edited to add: Seriously, look at this gem of a sentence!!! "she would simply linger an exceptionally long period of time ease dropping on others" :)

And hoping for more future fun typos, I'm creating a new label: "Students Write the Darnedest Things!"

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kate said...

Lilian, since I know you enjoy language/linguistics, you might like to know (as I recently discovered) that in linguistic terms, the type of typo you are describing is called an "egg corn" (someone's rendering of "acorn.") They are fun because even though they are not correct, they do make some sort of sense. Google it if you want to find more!