Thursday, May 17, 2012

2 months without twitter (March 16-May16)

Yesterday, after I received a "direct message" on twitter from my friend Anjali, I logged back into my twitter account after a long "twitter fast." It wasn't a conscious decision to stay away, it just happened and I didn't log back in day after day and I didn't miss it one bit...

When I went to check my last tweet, I noticed it was from March 16, so that means that I was off twitter for exactly 2 months! Wow... I'm sure I missed quite a bit from my Twitter friends who don't blog anymore or don't do it as often (one of the reasons I follow them on twitter to begin with): Scrivenings, LisaV and others.

Next month we may join the smartphone folks, though and then I know it will be hard not to be on twitter anymore. Sigh... I have mixed feelings about all this, but I want to write a separate post.

So, you should see me replying to your tweets regularly again... I'm even letting people know I'm back. Did they even notice I was gone? I wonder...

And in the end, twitter is WAY better than facebook in all kinds of levels, but that 's another discussion too.

Are you on twitter? On facebook? What do you think of them?

1 comment:

Anjali said...

I actually like FB better than Twitter. I get information overload on Twitter with tweets appearing so rapidly. FB feels more personal to me.

Regardless, glad you're back!