Thursday, April 22, 2010

This (S)Old House

Before we move I want to post more photos of the home renovation projects that were done to this house (in addition to these) , but tonight I just want to record the things I will and won't miss in this house, before I forget them. It looks like we might be moving into a brand new home (more on that later), so lots of things will be radically different.

Let's begin with the negative things. I won't miss:

- The really low ceilings, particularly in the bedrooms.
- The hideous ceiling fan in my bedroom (each of the five ceiling fans in the house is different).
- The tiny size of the master bedroom bathroom.
- The small built-in wall oven.

I will greatly miss:

- The gorgeous hardwood floors.
- Windows in all bathrooms (upcoming post on this one).
- The yard, garden and trees outside.
- All the storage space.
- The two car garage.
- The long driveway and quiet street for the boys to ride their bikes.

I guess I'll stop here because I don't want the second list to be too big. :-(

If I remember more things, I'll edit the post later.

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Aliki2006 said...

It's good to have a list of things you won't miss...I remember we did the same thing when we moved to this house. Although there were tons of things we were anxious to upgrade from our previous house, there was much nostalgia left behind, and it was hard.