Friday, April 09, 2010

Summer in April Over (for now)

This summery weather was lovely (and gorgeous) while it lasted (over a week!), but I hope temperatures can remain seasonable and lower from now on, for the sake of the flowers, particularly the tulips. Those in my garden and at Longwood*.

You see, tulips are my favorite flowers, but we have them for such a short period each year! Whenever it gets too hot I start panicking that they'll all die. In 2008 they lasted so long that I took photos of some of my last tulips on the day I uploaded my dissertation to be able to go to commencement (April 30th). Last year we had a hot spell too and I thought of writing a post titled "Help! The Sun is Killing the Flowers!" or something. :-)

I took these photos yesterday:

I'll post more later, I hope (I need to find the time to do it).

* I refer to Longwood, one of my favorite places in the whole world, so often and have posted countless photos of it that they should pay me a commission or something for advertising. ;-)

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