Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Formal Rejection + 2nd Phone Interview

I just got off the phone with K who had his 2nd phone interview this morning. It was more of a conversation with the chair, who wants to explain how the department works to prospective candidates. It's for the NJ post that ironically was close to the bottom of my list ;-).

Right after the interview, while we were still on the phone, he received an email from one of the top 10 schools (#7) in the list which was a rejection-with-a-dash-of-hope type of communication. He's not going to be interviewed at this point, but they may go back to the pool of applicants if they don't hire anyone by February. BLAH. And this was a post he had a personal recommendation for (and he knows one of the people in the committee). A bit discouraging.

The most discouraging thing of all for K was not having gotten any other emails or phone calls until now. I guess this means that perhaps he won't get any more interviews and that he won't have the be able to negotiate or even reject any offers. Well, if there ARE any. We're still waiting for any possible campus interviews at the two places with the phone ones.

It's pretty hard, all this waiting. We have to start thinking of alternate Plans, B, C, D... Sigh.

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