Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I didn't know he was left handed...

... the president, that is. I guess this was a significant oversight of my part and a huge sign that I don't watch much TV (can this have been really the very first time I saw him giving autographs?!?).

In any case, I just watched the State of the Union address. I thought of live blogging it (as I've done with the Oscars before ;-)), but I guess I'm too incompetent a person to write tolerably interesting comments on politics. I am deeply interested in politics and I think I'm a politicized person, but I just don't enjoy discussing politics with anyone.* Particularly because most people around me either deeply disagree with my views or cannot fully understand them (respectively: church folks & Brazilian friends).

If I were I true political junkie I'd be watching the Republican response, but I'm not. I do not have much patience with "the other side" as it is... and It's over by now anyhow (as I was editing the above paragraph).

I wish I had live-blogged the speech if only to be able to record my favorite parts or the "one liners" that were most significant to me. I tried to remember three of them, but the second one is already gone now... :-(
Edited to add: What am I thinking! "live blogging" is so 2000's... Laura brought me to my senses and reminded me that it's on occasions like this that microblogging is so useful. Only if you already do it, of course, and as you already know, I don't twitter. Yeah, I was never a "cool kid" anyway. ;-)

The first was the incisive question: "How long should we take then?" Which was addressed at those who think he's too ambitious to try to tackle broad and overarching problems in the country.

I guess the second might have been something from his call to end bipartisan bickering and get the job done.

I did like his "I won't quit." at the end. I'm glad he won't, but I'm not sure how he's going to be able to do it. See? I knew that when all was said and done I wouldn't be left with enough worth writing... but I'm posting anyway. If you watched it, what did you think of it?

* Except with K since we share the same convictions. Oh, and I should say that I don't like to discuss anything with anyone. I'm not into arguments and arguing AT ALL. K is the very opposite -- he loves to argue for the sake of argumentation (and he's good at it, he can take any side and just go with it).

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