Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Busy, VERY Busy

I'm just checking in to report the obvious!! That I've been really busy lately, working on our latest "enterprise." I don't know if I'll share exactly what it is, I'll think about it.

And... because of all this upheaval (K is also painting the boys' bedroom right now) I haven't been able to post in my 365+1 blog and here :(

On a happier note, last night, around midnight, I saw that a friend of mine was online and I said hi. It turns out that she's been trying to finish her thesis (for her doctorate in audiology) for almost two years and she needs some encouragement, so I offered to begin doing an "accountability" process with her, like I for 30 weeks until May 2007 with my friend Paulo, who finished his doctorate in divinity last year. She said I was a Godsend and I was glad I could help! Of course she'll help me too so we can both finish.

OK, gotta go to bed. I should actually cook, but I'm tired now. I guess K and Kelvin could eat sandwiches for lunch tomorrow, right? (they generally take food -- long story, Brazilian custom of lunch being the main meal still prevails in this house).

Hope to be back soon.


Aliki2006 said...

Good to "see" you! I hope the accountability process helps your friend--I wish it were the type of things that could have helped me, but you know--you have to want to be helped to have it work, right?! Good for you for being there for her...

Keiko said...

Ai Lilian, me fale de encorajamento e de falta de tempo!!! Ando totalmente sem tempo pra ler/comentar em todos os "meus blogs", to pirandinho pirandinho...nao anda sobrando tempo nem pra email, férias!!!