Thursday, August 23, 2007

Chaotic Week

This has been a pretty crazy week so far. And things are just about to get much much worse in the weeks to come.

The house is full of boxes and suitcases, we have been trying to do things and are accomplishing very little. The boys have been sick. After Kelvin got better then Linton got sick. He's got no fever, but has a cough and a runny nose. He's much less patient than his older brother, particularly at night, so I have been giving him medication at night only so he can sleep (I don't like to give them cough suppressants and nasal decongestants since I know these only suppress the symptoms and don't help the colds get better -- the body needs to get rid of the extra phlegm and mucus anyway and can't do it properly with these medications).

My husband has been busy making calls to mortgage companies, writing emails, and dealing with other things related to the sale of this home and the offer on the other one. I've been trying to write a post about the new house, but Blogger has not let me write it yet because the automatic save function wasn't working at all yesterday and the day before... (it is now). I also wanted to post some photos from Brazil but I can't because our desktop computer's CD/DVD drive doesn't read CDs with data and the laptop has been constantly in use by my husband...

You can tell that I'm (we're) a bit overwhelmed over here. In addition to how hard it is to just keep up with daily life (getting fed, keeping the kitchen clean, doing the laundry) plus the move, the boys keep demanding our full attention, at all times, unless they're watching television. I guess they feel that we're stressed out and that their lives are about to become extremely chaotic and they become more clingy (and there's the sickness too). I can already imagine how tough the closing on the other house (if it takes place) is going to be. I guess we'll have to resort to candy (I try not to give candy to our little guys, but the other day at the bank when we had to wait a long time and last night when we were writing the offer, I just had to allow them to have lollipops. Sigh). Yeah, I know... I should at least be happy that there is candy and TV (PBS Kids, obviously) for when we desperately need them, but still, I'd be happier if we didn't need to resort to them. We're actually considering taking the laptop and some DVDs to the closing.

It all boils down to one thing: parents NEED childcare to get things done and I have a feeling that those of us who don't have it should receive a medal or a title of super-parents, super-people or something... It's at moments like these that we can fully feel the weight of parenthood on our shoulders, of what the permanent choice we made to have children mean to our lives.

Have we been spoiled by my parents' help in the past five years? I guess so... but then, we couldn't afford any other kind of childcare and they were selfless and wonderful enough to help us all these years. I guess they deserve a break and we deserve to figure out what our choices mean and "grow up" as parents and human beings.

I hope I can get to post about the other house soon, OK?


Jennie said...

Hi Lilian, welcome back (even if my well wish is belated)! Congratulations on all of your house news--looking forward to the pictures too!

This is an interesting post RE: the responsibilities of parenthood. As much as I would love to have another baby, I think one reason (not the only reason, but one reason for sure) that having more children might not be the right choice for us is that we are so far away from all family. We're completely on our own--which is fine, I never expected any differently--but it certainly does constrain what is realistic for us to add to our plates.

Keiko said...

É bem isso, super- hiper heroínas.

Zack começou a adaptação na creche essa semana, e eu sofrendo por dentro MUITO, tipo dar pirulito pra ter um pouco de paz, mas pior. Hoje eu fui lá com ele e fiquei observando todas as coisas horríveis como, ele vai ser só 1 entre 8 e não 1 entre 1, o "snack" da tarde é sempre algum doce (muffin, rice crisps, etc), ELES NÃO FAZEM "PAPAI DO CÉU" ANTES DE COMER (e hoje na hora que eles sentaram na mesa pra comer ele juntou as mãozinhas e ficou que dó!) e outras tantas. Por outro lado, tenho a impressao q quando ele começar a ir regularlmente nossa vida vai voltar um pouco "ao normal". Mas é isso, escolhas, escolhas, escolhas.

Left-handed Trees... said...

Good luck with getting through this transitional time...SO many things are shifting for you, it is only natural that you'd be feeling it! Just breathe deeply, Lilian--this will pass...

M said...

I'm in awe of how you do get it all done. I can't imagine getting half the things done I do get done if S weren't in school part time. Congrats on the house too! I've been following this saga the whole time, so I'm hoping it will have a happy ending.