Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tiny Flowers

I just love really small flowers, particularly if they have unique colors and design like those below. Since I don't have the time and energy needed to write a real post right now, I offer you these photos of tiny flowers, taken at Longwood Gardens last March and yesterday. (This is just to give you an idea of how tiny they are)

The sign says that the flowers below, called tubergen squill, are native of Northwestern Iran. It just fascinates me that I can see them here, since them come originally from such a far away place. I also feel glad to know a bit more about Iran (apart from the negative picture painted by the media and also recent history) because I watched two of Majid Majidi's films, Children of Heaven (which I have recommended before) and Color of Paradise (beautiful, but utterly heartbreaking - I have to blog about it more some other time).
These "rarer" white ones were part of one of one of the "carpets" of squills found at Longwood. I'm glad to report that my worries were completely unfounded. The snow didn't get these lovely flowers, since they hadn't blossomed yet then.


jo(e) said...


cloudscome said...

Those are so beautiful! I love tiny flowers too. You took fabulous pictures of them here! And the Snap window that opens over your comment link shows the carpet shot - WOW!

Jennie said...

Oh, I love Children of Heaven! I even own the DVD...that Zahra is adorable and the look she gives her brother when he suggests she can wear slippers to school is priceless.

PS-I hope you get your pine trees (very low maintenance trees :-)

ArticulateDad said...

I have at times fantasized about creating a miniature garden. Not that it would in itself be particularly small, but that it would be filled with tiny plants and flowers, none larger than 1/2 inch or so.

Some day, eh? Some day.