Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Potty Time

I still have a long list of posts I want to write, but life has caught up with me. I'm busy parenting, trying to cook healthy meals for the family and... I'm getting back to dissertation work too, because I really need to finish. And dissertation work makes me a bit depressed, so I don't feel like posting. I promise, I'll try, OK?

Anyway, I thought I had already posted about the news in the potty front from my eldest son (who is 4 1/2), but I just realized I hadn't. When I went to look up for my old post on this subject, I noticed a big coincidence -- I wrote it exactly one year ago!! So, last year, I asked for help from the readers because my son kept insisting in asking for a diaper for pooping. It took almost a year for him to finally give it up (In the meantime I had even thought of writing a post titled "All Quiet on the Diaper Front," but eventually never did).

We tried to bribe him with promises of Thomas trains and other gifts, but nothing worked. Except that daddy kept telling that we couldn't go to Florida if he didn't start using the toilet, so he promised that once we got to Florida he'd do it. And you know what? It worked!! It happened on our first morning in the hotel. I wasn't allowed in the bathroom, not even later to see what was produced, so he took a few photos before flushing so I could see it. I wasn't allowed to celebrate either (I had previously been telling him that I'd jump for joy when he finaly did it and I guess he wasn't too happy with the idea), so I was very low key about it. The next day I was allowed to see it and, in spite of the lack of celebrations, he didn't forget the promise of trains (from me and my mom), so we had to go and get him the trains a week or so later when he reminded us of it.

So here comes the anecdote I wanted to share today.

This morning my son called me from the bathroom, I thought he was done or needed help, but no! He wanted me to get him a magazine to "read" from the basket full we keep in the downstairs bathroom. Well, I guess he has just discovered the joys of reading in the bathroom!

Just like the little boy in the glazed tile sign from Brazil that we have in the bathroom door (photo above) -- isn't that a cute sign? (I have one for the kitchen that says "my lab").


ArticulateDad said...

Only a parent could love this post. :)

Aliki2006 said...

I love the "Pipi" sign! It was adorable when Liam started reading in the potty, too--now it's hard to pry him out of there sometimes...

Alice said...

This is hilarious, already reading magazines on the toilet? Hahaha!!!

I love the title "All quiet on the Diaper front" ... and the sign is totally lovely!!!! :)

Way to go, Kelvin!!!

Renata said...

Glad I saw this post (from your recent door plates post)! I can't get my almost 3 year old to poop on the potty either. He also doesn't respond to coaxing (my 4 year old wishes he was given all these incentives). He doesn't ask for a diaper, but he usually only goes around nap/bed time because that's when he uses a diaper. I would have asked my blog readers, but I don't have many and I pretty much know who they are.