Friday, September 08, 2006


Every time I come back home from a trip I have certain feelings and impressions that I always want to write about. I usually am not able to do it, though, because things are quite hectic after we travel, particularly when we come back from Brazil where we have stayed for two months, for instance. I'm glad that now I have decided to post more often (and also worry less about proofreading and writing "good" posts), so I don't loose these fleeting thoughts, since they go away pretty quickly.

This time, after two weeks in Florida, I found that the place we live is just too noisy! Two weeks away made me realize that living in a city is quite noisy. I lived in Sao Paulo, one of the largest cities in the world, for 11 years, so I should know that, but 7 years in a rural area here in the U.S. have made me enjoy quiet places more. Of course we've lived here for two years now (we moved to the Philly area on July 29, 2004) and although the firehouse siren (it's only 1 block away) and the freight train whistle at all times of day and night are annoying, we're used to them now.

I guess part of the shock has to do with the fact that we spent most of the summer with the AC on and all windows closed; however, I have left the windows open these last days, so we hear all outside noises much louder. It also seems like the neighbors are trying to enjoy the last days of summer and there are lots of people outside talking loudly, kids screaming, etc. Of course this neighborhood is not the one we would have chosen had we been able to afford a house anywhere else and that doesn't help too much, but this another subject I don't want to get into right now.

I know I have to enjoy this "open window" time as much as I can, because the noises soon will be dampened again by closed windows. The thought of winter makes me very sad, particularly because I probably won't go to Brazil again this winter as I have in the past two years. I have learned to enjoy the seasons, but having grown up in a tropical, year-round green and lush country, I feel always depressed in the winter months. So, I should welcome the noise, really, because the eerie silence of snow falling is beautiful, fascinating, but also a bit sad.


Emily said...

I always find early September difficult as Mike returns to work after six weeks off for the summer hols (he is a teacher). Usually the first day back is gloomy and I feel like the world has collapsed. This year it was sunny and I was so busy I didn't have time to think that he wasn't here, chatting away and having fun with us both. It was a relief from the usual back to school depression.

Winter is hard. I try to still go for walks by the sea even in terrible weather. Not sure how that will work with a small baby and a pre-schooler this time around!

At least we'll be here to help cheer you up.

jo(e) said...

I never thought about it much before but perhaps it is the quietness that gets me down in February.

Juliet said...

I have a low tolerance for noise, too. But you are right. Activity, open windows, time outdoors and, yes, noise are all part of the enjoyment of nice weather. I know that I will be sad - and, more importantly, so will William - when winter hits and we are stuck indoors.