Tuesday, March 01, 2016

New (Brazilian!) Colleague

Last year, my husband was very upset when his closest colleague and collaborator at the university decided to leave for another university where his wife was also offered a tenure track job (he was already tenured, but left anyway). 

One of the reasons that upset K the most was that he felt that maybe he/we may need to do that someday in order for me to have a job I'm happy with. That problem is still up in the air, but apart from ther, he sorely missed his colleague and hoped they'd find a good replacement.

From the moment the dept. decided to open the position, K contacted M, a Brazilian scholar who works in a related field, to let him know that the position would be open. M interviewed, and was unanimously (a first on this department!!!) chosen to be offered the job. 

K was delighted, but worried that M might not want to come here (his wife was unable to visit the area and we wondered if she's want to live here). Today K was told that his friend M has accepted the job and he is thrilled!! I hope M and his (American) wife will like the university and the area!

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