Monday, March 14, 2016

March Torture (Revisited)

Every March, for almost as long as he's been in graduate school, with the exception of a few years, K goes to his national conference and when he goes, it's a hard week of single-parenting for me. He's been to so many places! Seattle, LA, Madison WI, Baltimore (several times, including this year), Portland OR (where he got me my favorite mug!), the list goes on & on...

I'm whiny tonight, upset that my husband will be gone from tomorrow to Friday, so I decided to look back to past months of March in the blog.

On my first year as a mother of two (2005) I was in Brazil when he went to his meeting and the following two years my parents were with us, so I didn't have any trouble. In 2008 he didn't go (it was the fateful year of the big-pharma job) and I was dissertating, with my parents living with us again for a few months until my defense & commencement. He had to skip 2009, with nothing to present, having gone back to academia & being a post-doc only six months earlier.

I wrote a quick blog post in 2010 about single parenting for a week & a humorous one about my son not missing daddy (I was cyber-schooling the boys back then, so I'm sure it was intense, but OK), I was glad when he returned & thankfully we had a house-guest, so I didn't have to wake-up the boys to take them to the airport in the middle of the night.

I think K didn't go in 2011 & 2012 (not having enough results to present, being fairly new in his tenure track job). In 2013 the kids had Spring break so they stayed for part of the week at my brother & sister-in-law's while K was at the conference in Baltimore (he may have stayed at his brother's house, I think) & I stayed home alone & went to work. That worked out great!

I don't know about 2014 -- I didn't mention anything about him going to a conference in the blog, but I did last year I mentioned him going to the conference (in San Antonio, TX -- literally a week after his uncle had moved away from that city to Tunisia!) in a post titled "Academic Single Parenting" & I rejoiced when he came back in a snowy night.

Well, I can't wait for Friday night!

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