Wednesday, March 09, 2016


My son turns fourteen today and I'm happy that he's growing and maturing by leaps and bounds! He is such a joy to be around, whip-smart, funny, easy-going, even-tempered (for the most part, particularly compared to his younger brother), and now -- new and improved edition! -- very responsible* and excelling in school. He is friendly, but quiet, and enjoys working in the background (e.g. this week his class is doing skits in school and he volunteered to take care of the sound system). He is also so hard-working! He is involved with multiple after-school activities: bell-choir, robotics team, and soccer, in addition to having piano lessons, and he has been handling all very well.

Last night I wrote some of these things for his online high-school application and I felt happy that he is so prepared for this milestone in his life and he's looking forward to it so much. I think that one of the things that helped him is that we are supporting his hobbies, particularly his YouTube channel (if you click you can see a time-lapse video of Kelvin and I moving a bookcase from one room to the other). We bought another monitor, a graphics card for the computer (as he explains in much detail at the end of that video), editing software, etc. and we allow him to use his free time to record and edit videos. Some mornings he gets up at 6:30 to spend sometime working on his channel before school. I am a firm believer in supporting their interests, especially for a child like him, who needs to be interested in something and motivated in order to thrive and to focus.

This year he didn't get an actual gift like last year -- I didn't get to blog about it, but we ended up completely surprising him with a WiiU on the very day, using some Best Buy gift cards we had, plus some old birthday money Kelvin had with us (he agreed after the fact). However, a few weeks ago he bought a new phone (a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active -- it's waterproof!! The phone itself is a case!! Battery lasts A LOT!!) and that was partly a birthday gift. And yesterday we bought him these fun slippers:
We started a tradition a few years ago, I make an Oreo vanilla ice-cream cake and bring it to his class in school and they LOVE it! So I did that for the last time (sniff, sniff) today, since I know I won't do that stuff when he's in high-school, right? :( And... we're going to have dinner at Olive Garden! I think it will be a nice birthday!

* He has always been very intelligent, but 7th grade was challenging because his attention issues (no official diagnosis, but my therapist and I are pretty sure that he has ADD like me, sigh...) :-( and his inflexible teacher (who did NOT accept any work late, no exceptions, no excuses) caused some lower grades. The teacher hasn't changed, but Kelvin has learned to deal with it without complaining or much prompting from us. It's incredible. Even my therapist cannot believe his turnaround, given that I spent a whole year stressing out about my son and jointly diagnosing him. ;-)

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What Now? said...

Sounds like he's growing up into a lovely kid! Happy kid, happy mama!