Thursday, July 19, 2012

In ten days...

... my husband will be here. Actually in 9 days since it's Thursday already...

I miss him, though I'm really used to this by now: me in Brazil doing the usual "Brazil things" and he at home working and tying lose ends around the house before joining us.

It'll be so much better when he gets here, though! The boys miss him like crazy, especially Kelvin. I think they haven't missed him so much in the past like this time. It's just that K is the best father ever... and he's been doing a wonderful job disciplining the boys when I continue to be pretty lame. :(

Tomorrow we travel again (though today we had a short day trip to shop for clothing at a town in the nearby state) to visit my extended family on both sides in Curitiba, Parana (the place where I might have been born, but wasn't). I sold my camera & the new one will get here with K next week, so... I don't know how I'll take more photos, probably with my mom's little camera, we'll see!

OK, it's really really late (1h later here than in the U.S.) at 1:30 am, and I have to go to bed, so... I'll write from Curitiba next time!

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