Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Airport Blogging from Canada

Yes, you heard that right, Canada. Because the boys's tickets are award travel, we have a funky itinerary.

Dulles - Toronto - Sao Paulo.

The boys love flying and traveling, so it's no big deal for them, quite the contrary, it's one more adventure. The only challenge here was finding outlets to plug my laptop (its battery doesn't really work) and to charge Linton's ipod touch.

Kelvin used skype on the ipad to talk to grandma for several minutes and to his auntie and cousin too. And my aunt called me on skype all the way from Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. She's so cute!! I'm so glad we'll get to see them.

Well, our gate was changed and we need to walk over there, so we're going. I can't wait to get to Brazil. Everyone says it's warm there (it's winter) and that's great, I hope we don't have to face any cold fronts!! Winter days in Brazil are just beautiful. I'll post photos... even though it looks like tomorrow I'll sell my Nikon 3100 and K will be able to buy a 5100 just in time for my birthday!! YAY!!! Wish me luck (that the buyer doesn't bail out).

So... I will have to take photos with my mom small Sony...

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Have a lovely trip!