Friday, July 13, 2012

Caldas Novas -- a Hot Water Resort Town

The photos below are a panoramic view of the town from up there (the "volcano" at the "Acqua Park:"

 The theory is that there are hot water springs all around that flat mountain you see in the background because it used to be a volcano many years ago.
 You can check the satellite view of the mountain on Google Maps.

And you can see part of the water park below (most of those pools have cold water, unlike the rest of the town):

This is one of maybe three photos in which I appear during the whole week (I took most of the photos, obviously). The boys only wore those swim trunks on the first two days, in the last two, they had to go all Brazilian (wearing speedos) or they wouldn't be allowed on the water slides.

These photos took forever to load, so I don't know how to post lots of photos here in Brazil. :(

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BrightStar (B*) said...

Thanks for posting this pictures! It looks like an amazing location. Plus, it's so fun to see you! You look beautiful!