Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bullet points from Caldas Novas, Brazil

- I'm blogging in our iPad to make less noise typing ;) [too bad it's still pretty noisy, but I just figured out how to shut off keyboard clicks!!! yay!!] - Sharing a hotel room would be easier without internet access :( - I really want to share more photos as I promised, but we drove hundreds of miles to be here going to hot water pools and water parks where the boys can go on water slides for hours, so that's what I'm doing... - My birthday was great!! It was lovely to spend it with two of my best friends & their families, as well as another dear friend who married my favorite high school teacher (of history). - one of the friends drove for 2 hours to be there with me :D - K sold our old Civic today!! & I think maybe I forgot to tell you we bought our friends' old Hyundai right before I traveled... - I guess I'll go to bed now... The iPad experiment was highly successful! Am I ready for the iPhone now? ;)

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