Sunday, April 22, 2012

First Anniversary! (with photos!)

One year ago, we moved into our house! It was raining A LOT, just like it was today! The closing had been the easiest, fastest closing ever, and our dear friends drove all the way from PA to help us, together with my parents who were already here with us.
We love our house and we're happy to be homeowners again, our tenth year. It's a relatively small house (1700 sq ft), but it's perfect for us. It's even more perfect because it was extremely well taken care of and we didn't have to do any work (well, except for the roof in the shed). The wall colors were mostly great, except for the dining room's red wall which we painted right away, the master bedroom's bathroom -- see below, and the hall bathroom, which we still need to paint.

On Friday, we rearranged the living room furniture and even some of the pictures on the wall. It made such a big difference in the feel of the room (which probably won't be conveyed by these photos).
This is our dining room, it's fairly small, but I love it!
I was going to share photos of our bathroom, the other painting project my dad tackled for us soon after we moved (he painted the dining room too, I miss my dad, he helps so much around the house! And my mom too, of course!), but I think I'll share that in another post!

Let's end with the kitchen, then, this picture is a little too dark, but you get the idea. I really want a round IKEA table there, but I need to pay for the rest of the furniture first (living room set, cabinet and sideboard for dining room). 
OK, one last photo, the family room downstairs (by now you will have realized how much I love brown, right? Good thing it's very much in fashion right now):
Happy Anniversary to us and our house!

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