Wednesday, April 11, 2012

from grading jail to soccer jail (and facebook is worse than jail)

April and May... I will actually be in both "jails" for the better part of these months... sigh.

I really loved the months of soccer last Fall, though, especially because the boys enjoyed playing very much. It makes it harder for us to travel on weekends, but I think that won't be a problem, the boys can miss a game or two... we're no longer as dedicated as last year.

Now,  as for the grading... what can I say. It never seems to end. I'm finishing the first paper, more than a month after, and the second paper is waiting for me. And there's also the final project. I know it will end and there's a firm deadline, so I will survive.

This is becoming the most boring blog ever... but I'll keep on blogging, hopefully soon about other more fun topics. It's just that I haven't allowed myself to "go there" much (i.e. have fun on the blog, post photos, spend time writing posts). I have done my best to curb my addiction to blogging. That's why I don't really do Pinterest at all. I already spend (it's not a waste, I'm sure of it) too much time reading some people's blogs.

Now... as for facebook, that is a HUGE waste of time... and addictive too. With a ridiculously bad aftertaste. I know I should stick to blogging, but when you open your email in the morning and see a friend request from a very dear friend you haven't seen in about 15 years and haven't even exchanged emails with in the past 3-4 years, that's pretty joyful!

And then you head there, to that addictive ad-laden, private information stealing and selling place, and see this dear friend kissing his precious, beautiful baby girl and being hugged by a beautiful wife and your heart soars (particularly because this dear friend suffered so much already, having been abandoned by his first wife, having to raise his older daughter on his own for many years...  sigh, seeing him happy like that was just so lovely!). So... yeah...

...what can one do? I'm sure glad to be back in touch with William, though! (I should give him the link to this blog, I wonder if he'd read it).

P.S. my husband was reading on CNN about the hullabaloo that followed Instagram's acquisition by facebook and how incredibly unpopular facebook has become and he's got a prediction that I'm going to share here, just to see if it comes true. he predicts that in 5 years facebook will be done and over with, replaced by another social media network that respects its customers.

Nah... I think, but let's see, only time will tell

One thing I'm not afraid of saying... I hate facebook, I just wish there was something less slimy and disrespectful of my privacy that could bring me closer to dear people in my past and present life the way it does. :(

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