Monday, April 16, 2012

maybe tomorrow...

... I'll get to post some photos,

or I'll get to tell you about the conference weekend that was two weeks ago, or the flowers I saw last weekend...

maybe in a few days I'll be able to write a post for my son who had a birthday last month and who has been reading my blog too, I really want to write for him.

... maybe someday I'll be able to post photos daily to the never updated photo-blog... or... write more about Africa.

And these are only the things that have to do with the blog that are hopefully left "for tomorrow."

Life in these times of information overload is depressing. ready access to so much and not enough time to even scratch the surface. And tons of time wasted in superficial things like social media.

I used to teach dystopian fiction/ science fiction and I don't think any of those writers (not that I've read all of them, obviously) came close to imagining the world we have today. The changes are subtle and mostly related to everyone, all around the world, being connected, 24/7, which is a beautiful, but also a mind-boggling, overwhelming thing.

Endless possibilities both for good and for evil. what next?

tomorrow, maybe, we'll know... or the tomorrow after that tomorrow.

... sigh ...

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