Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Too Busy To Blog

I'm only 65 minutes late, but, really, I've got very good reasons! First, I stayed up grading until 2 am. Then, I prepared to teach and graded some more and went food shopping and picked the boys up and started dinner (5 of my students were coming over), but had to interrupt my cooking to take my youngest son to a make-up soccer game (because of the snow! in October!)...

Then it was a whirlwind of cooking and not being able to pick up my husband who walked a mile from a friend's house to ours.... and the students came (at 8:30 pm, they couldn't make it earlier), ate, and we talked until midnight. Then cleaned up until one.

Justified? Or not?

So... yeah. and I want to do more grading (still one more paper and 4 journal entries) because it's the greatest relief and the best sense of accomplishment ever. I wish that would be enough to make me a grading junkie. Whaaaa....? There's no such thing? Yeah, I don't think so... grading is always disagreeable, no matter what.

OK, gotta go to bed. And those poor students still need to do homework for my class tomorrow! At least they're well nourished!

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