Friday, November 04, 2011

Relatively Productive Day

I cooked two kinds of soup (minestrone and Caldo Verde* -- without the sausage) for the friends who came over tonight and I did some cleaning around the house, most importantly... cleaning out the fridge and taking all the recycling to the recycling station in town.

The boys didn't have school today (teacher-parent conferences... ours were last night), so they stayed home and mostly played on their ipod touch & ipad and... spent all afternoon involved in their latest obsession: paper airplanes! I wish I'd taken photos of the backyard, littered with paper airplanes! It was so bad that we had them pick them up at the end of the day.

Tomorrow night we're going to have a small "Fall gathering," I hope it'll be fun!

And blogging by "obligation" is boring isn't it? I'm sorry about that! Tonight I enjoyed the company of our friends, so blogging was not a priority at all as it is most nights when we don't have people over. OK, gotta go to bed!

*This is a typical Portuguese soup with a weak potato broth and, traditionally, chouriço sausages, but I'm refusing to link to any recipes in English because they are CLEARLY mistaken about the main ingredient -- it is NOT kale, which I love and which is delicious, but which tastes differently from collard greens, which is the original ingredient -- chopped very finely.

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