Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11, 11:11 (pm)

Another date like today's only in 100 years.

I really like to look at all those ones, perfectly lined up. I missed posting at 11:11 am, but I couldn't let 11:11pm slide by, could I? I don't guarantee the 11 seconds, though! ;)

And today is not only an interesting looking day, but it's "Veterans day"* or "Remembrance day" in Canada.
I actually like the original day better: "Armistice Day" -- the day of the end of the war or armed race, celebrating the end of bloody World War I back in 1918. I was going to write more about this... but the day went by (I started this post in the morning) and now I'm racing against the clock to post on time. So... another lame post. :(

This weekend we're really excited about the visit of K3 (Klebert's younger brother) and his family! I will see my only niece for the second time! OK, one minute to go, gotta get this published. It's exciting, though, to make it on time and on the right day!! Making history (ha ha ha...) in this insignificant blog.

"In a thousand years..." mom, said my son. Is it a thousand or 100? I'm so bad in math!! Go!

* No apostrophe, as per the U.S. Government decision, the Wikipedia entry explains it.

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