Wednesday, November 09, 2011


That's how many posts I still have to write until Dec. 31st to make my "noble goal" of posting more than last year... (not getting even close to my silly "new year's wish" of posting about 365 times this year -- ha, ha!)

In any case, I'll keep on trying. I have TONS of photos of food that I've been taking in the past few years with the intention of posting them to the blog. I am going to create a tab up top (let's see if it works with the current layout) titled "Food" or "Food Pics" or something and I will post selected photos, OK? Do you think it's a good plan?

OK, now I have to go grade papers. And I decided, after K's statement that he was out of white "undershirts" (t-shirts) while I was still laying in bed, that I'd do two loads of laundry. Not only that, but because today will be 68F (20F), I decided to hang the laundry outside... sigh... I know, just what I needed on a hyper busy day like today... have I mentioned that I'm organizing a Brazilian music event tonight at the university? and that K & I haven't been communicating enough, so he didn't even know that I'm the organizer of this and that what I mentioned to him last week about not scheduling anything for Wednesday night was for a good reason -- and now he'll be busy until a few minutes before the event (but I'll drop the boys off to him anyway!).

Wish me luck, especially with the grading (electronic feedback, Yikes!). ;)

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