Friday, December 30, 2016

The sad day I ruined my brand new favorite pants :-(

I ruined my favorite pair of pants yesterday. It's a pretty new pair, Pilcro brand that I bought on sale at Anthropologie last October and that I had washed only once. I'm so sad!!

On Wednesday we went to eat fried dough Brazilian pastéis (like an empanada, but fried and made with a thinner, crustier dough) and I had some leftover pieces which I brought into our super-crowded mini-van -- I was sharing the back seat with my youngest son and older nephew. When my SIL and I went out quickly to shop at a Portuguese grocery store in a place where there was no street parking I accidentally sat on the napkins holding the leftover fried dough and also wiped my greasy hands on the pants, which caused several greasy streak stains. So yesterday afternoon I decided I was going to wash the pants, and since there were oil stains I used dish detergent (Method brand) -- big mistake! The pants  discolored immediately! :-( In four different places.

What can I do now? I could possibly discolor patches everywhere, artistically, but would that look even mildly OK? Such a bad way to end this already bad year. :-(
So sad!!! :-( I just want to wear them like this, they're such a pretty color (lighter when dry -- I'll post more photos once it's dry).

P.S. I'm obsessed with this color and lighter ones. I'll try to write a post with photographic evidence.

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