Sunday, December 18, 2016

From Sunday (our 22nd anniversary): Done Grading! And going…

... to a one-night getaway for our anniversary! It's great that the boys are old enough to stay by themselves!

I never got around to posting this from my phone Sunday night. ;-) we were done grading and submitting grades only by 5pm and left later than we wanted. I calculated we only "wasted" 30 dollars for arriving at our lovely cabin two hours late.  ;-P

Now we're getting ready to travel to Montreal for Xmas with K's youngest brother's family (K4) and their uncle "D4"* and family.
*Mother-in-law is D1, all her siblings' names begin with D!

I'm recovering from a cold that got a second wind after our quick getaway. Hopefully I won't get sick again in Canada! 

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