Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016: Three Weddings & A Funeral... plus one graduation & a 90th birthday party

Same events as the previous post, different title, just to be cute, and because it's really true :-( and also because I need to write all these posts tonight.

Three weddings: May 29 in Massachusetts (we drove with the whole family); June 19, close to home; October 10 in California (only K and I went, it was a lovely getaway).

There wasn't actually a funeral (my FIL was cremated and my MIL still had his ashes) only a memorial service and I wasn't there.

Kelvin graduated from 8th grade and here are some photos of that day and the reception:
photos will be inserted later

K's grandma's 90th birthday party was a beautiful celebration:
photos will be inserted later

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