Thursday, December 31, 2015

Past Midnight in Brazil - 14/19

Written an hour and a half ago, but posted later. (original title "Almost Midnight...")

Christmas, with its "Northern" traditions,  feels strange in the Brazilian Summer, but New Year's eve always feels wrong to me here in the U.S. and I only enjoy it fully when I am in Brazil. Being in Florida helps, but it's still not the same. :-(

Of course New Year's is more fun in Brazil when you are at the beach, but no matter where you are there are always lots of fire-crackers at midnight (because most people cannot afford fireworks, but they still enjoy the noise). It's a tradition, really loud fire-crackers everywhere for soccer games and for New Year's Eve, or "Reveillon" as they sometimes call it there, using the French term.

We haven't eaten yet and the kids are hungry, but I don't know about the adults because we ate A LOT at the restaurant.  --> that was at 8:50 pm.

Now we already ate and kids are watching videos on their ipads as the adults talk... (and I blog).

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