Thursday, December 31, 2015

Frivolous "Firsts" of 2015 - 10/19

This year was the first time that I did two things:
1) used dark/colorful nail polish in my fingernails (the most I'd done in the best was French manicures);
2) dyed my whole hair dark blonde (NEVER doing this again!).

I loved the nail polish and I want to keep doing it, although I didn't do it at all this semester because I didn't have time :-(

Very first time, March 2, one of my "favoritest" colors, brown:
Same color and (cheap) polish, a few days later:
 Next color, aqua green, the same one I'd first used on my toenails in 2014:
 A darker aqua, this time from a better brand:
Second Essie polish I bought, Cartel Style:
"Butler, Please" from Essie, matches my colorful dress:
Bonus Photo, Ombré toenails, since I own too many aqua hues of polish:
It was a colorful year!

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